Toshiba attracted to RESPOL

July 2004

RESPOL’s extensive, specialist flooring experience covers a whole spectrum of manufacturing industry – from advanced robotic automotive plants, through the safety critical chemicals sector, to the demanding, ultra-clean environments demanded by pharmaceuticals.

No surprise then that Toshiba approached RESPOL to provide a solution for their main production facility in Plymouth. The customer was so pleased with the Antistatic SL system which RESPOL proposed, that the project quickly grew from 1,800 to 2,500 square metres with more to follow.

Due to the nature of the area, used for electronics assembly, RESPOL had a variety of problems to overcome. Covered skips and dust extraction units were employed in addition to sheeting of the whole area, as production could not be halted. A porous slab threw up additional problems which were overcome whilst on site with the project still completed on target.

RESPOL are continuing to work with Toshiba to provide additional installations at their sites.

RESPOL offer unparalleled solutions for specialist and demanding situations – multi-coloured static dissipative systems, osmosis solutions, flexible rubber screeds and aircraft fuel resistant surfaces. RESPOL have also developed a system for the immediate coating of fresh or green cementitious substrates which can have high surface alkalinity or moisture content.

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