Rhubarb Food Design give big thumbs up to Respol

September 2013

As part of our commitment to quality as an ISO9001 registered company, our work is always followed up by a Quality Questionnaire to our customers, to monitor the service we provide and improve our standards wherever possible. It’s always good to know that those quality standards are being appreciated!…

  1. How would you rate the quality of workmanship carried out?…   Excellent
  2. How would you consider Respol personnel’s appearance and presentation?…  Excellent
  3. How would you rate Respol personnel’s awareness and attention to Health and Safety?…  Excellent
  4. In what condition did Respol personnel leave your site upon completion of the project?…  Excellent
  5. How would you consider Respol’s administration team?…  Excellent
  6. In general, how would you rate Respol’s service from initial enquiry to completion?… Excellent

If you feel there are areas where we are average or below, could you please state the reason?… The whole process was PERFECT, especially when dealing with internal issues.

Mr James Dempsey
Rhubarb Food Design

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