RESPOL confirm record breaking run

September 2009

GKN Drivelines have awarded RESPOL its biggest order in their 20 year relationship. Flooring work at their Birmingham site, set to become the new flagship of the GKN Group covers 24,000 metres and is worth in excess of £500,000. With 3 factories merging into 1 and a streamlining of production, GKN are demanding pristine working conditions.

The works will be carried out over 10 phases covering up to 15 months and will entail the removal of 50 year old original flooring using specialist preparation systems, and replacement with RESPOL’s own hardwearing Reegrip System, designed specifically for health and safety applications in addition to being easy to clean. RESPOL’s Reegrip System also improves lighting conditions within the area and will help GKN improve its green credentials through energy savings.

Peter Middleton of GKN commented, “We have worked with RESPOL for a number of years and can conclude that they know exactly what they are doing and always have our best interests at heart. They explain the reasons for specifying a certain system and involve our team in the decision making process. We would have no hesitation in recommending this highly professional and friendly company to anyone who requires a top quality, cost effective flooring system”.

RESPOL’s third quarter saw confirmed orders totalling in excess of £3/4 million from the likes of GKN, Next, Royal Mail, Porsche Massmould, AAC Structural Foam and Honda, contributing to a record quarter’s turnover for the company and leading RESPOL’s David Clark to speculate whether the tide has indeed turned on the recession.

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