Resin Flooring Specialists

June 2017

When it comes to industrial and commercial flooring installations, Respol is one of the UK’s leading specialist flooring contractors. We work closely with the top flooring manufacturers in the country so we always know what the latest innovations are. We have laid millions of square metres of flooring in our more than 30 years in business.

We have access to the latest flooring technology where industrial flooring solutions are under constant innovation, providing Respol with the ability to deliver the latest and greatest cutting edge floor coating systems, customised for your particular industry. Because our highly trained staff of flooring specialists have lengthy and extensive experience working with numerous industries, Respol are experts in flooring requirements and regulations for all industries and we have the testimonials to prove it.

Floor coatings cannot be summed up in a single phrase such as “epoxy resin floor coatings.” The description can begin with this phrase but flooring systems range from heavy-duty or hygienic flooring to sports flooring and safety flooring with a variety of permutations and combinations in between. We work with specialist manufacturers where the ideal industrial floor can be developed for your specific needs. This is how we gained our reputation for innovative and technically advanced flooring solutions.

There is no flooring issue that is beyond our ability. We can begin with a bare concrete surface or a damaged substrate and transform these into perfectly repaired, well-sealed, well-prepared flooring with a new resin or polyurethane system. A perfect protective seamless flooring system can be applied to concrete, steel, wood, asphalt and quarry. Food preparation areas need specific types of finishes while a garage would need a different type of system.

Respol technicians are expert in any type of flooring project whether it is a simple repair or rejuvenation project or a complete rebuild from the substrate up. This is how it works. Once the substrate is prepared to the highest standard, our technicians provide a dust free prime and preparation before applying the floor coating. We constantly upgrade and update our equipment so we use the latest technology. We have the ability to reform major heavy-duty expansion joints, heavy-duty bunding areas with falls to drains and oil retaining machine bases.

Our service is total from beginning to the final product installation. We start with a site survey so our team can advise you on the most appropriate industrial floor coating for your environment, what substrate preparation must be carried out, what primers and sealers may be required, and inform you of the downtime involved (if any). We will also discuss how we can match to any colour in the BS4800, RAL or Pantone systems. All documentation and surveys are included in the cost.

Our services and systems are accredited to ISO9001:2008 which guarantees the highest level of quality control and customer service. Our products and services have single source uncomplicated warranties.

For further information or to arrange a free, no obligation site visit, call Respol today on 01952 740400 or simply click here.

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