Resin Flooring Contractors

May 2017

Installing industrial flooring or commercial flooring is not a good DIY choice. Epoxy and polyurethane floors have the essential properties for very heavy-duty environments and part of the process is choosing the right properties. Another essential part of the process is proper installation. For properly installed flooring solutions in industrial and commercial heavy-duty environments, you need a qualified industrial flooring contractor.

Respol has been a flexible single source supplier of flooring systems for more than three decades, building a solid reputation for outstanding service and innovation. With our network of advanced manufacturers, Respol is capable of providing the most technically advanced flooring solutions available.

We can source any industrial or commercial floor coatings your industry needs in any colours you choose. Decorative finishes, chemical resistance, slip resistant – these are but a few of the mix and match selections available. By definition, epoxy resin has a safety and hygienic factor simply because of its seamless quality. In addition, Respol’s installation and application of your chosen flooring systems has the benefit of providing the least disruption to your daily activity.

We begin with a consultation that includes a free detailed inspection and analysis. There is a no obligation survey, which we follow with recommendations for your optimal flooring solutions. A floor is only as good as its substrate.

Therefore, our second step is proper preparation for a successful flooring installation. We have intense expertise in refurbishing old substrates. Whether the substrate is brand new or old and in need of repair, it can be brought to standards that allow for a durable bond between the primer and the substrate.

When the substrate is clean, residue and contaminant-free, the floor is ready for the application of the surface coating system. Respol carries out the entire procedure from the consultation to the final application of the surface coating in-house. None of this work is outsourced. Our equipment is entirely Respol-owned and constantly updated to keep on top of the latest innovations in flooring systems.

Respol is in the unique position of having the experience plus the technical expertise that allows us to turn worn-out, old, contaminated or dated floor slab into a high-tech manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical, chemical or other industrial flooring solution.

In our thirty-plus years in the industry, we have developed systems and innovative technical solutions that can perform difficult tasks such as reforming major heavy duty expansion joints, heavy duty bunding areas with falls to drains and oil retaining machine bases, and easier tasks such as colour matching to any colour in the vast BS4800, RAL or Pantone systems.

If you want to know more about the flooring services available to any type of industrial environments or about how Respol can help with repairs to resin floors, contact us. Whether you have questions about new surfacing for warehouses, screed preparation, commercial floor solutions, anti-static flooring systems, concrete repair, or upgrading to meet safety standards, Respol has the answers.

For further information, please click here to receive a brochure or contact one of our flooring experts directly on 01952 740400.

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