Perfect score from GKN

October 2013

Respol are an ISO9001 registered company and therefore, as a continued part of our commitment to quality, we always follow up on our work by sending our customers a Quality Questionnaire. This enables us to monitor the service we provide and improve our standards wherever possible.

  1. How would you rate the quality of workmanship carried out?
    • Excellent
  2. How would you consider Respol personnel’s appearance and presentation?
    • Excellent
  3. How would you rate Respol personnel’s awareness and attention to Health and Safety?
    • Excellent
  4. In what condition did Respol personnel leave your site upon completion of the project?
    • Excellent
  5. How would you consider Respol’s administration team? 
    • Excellent
  6. In general, how would you rate Respol’s service from initial enquiry to completion?
    • Excellent
  7. If you feel there are areas where we are average or below, could you please state the reason? 
    • “As previously communicated, the workmanship, work ethic etc were second to none!”

Mr Ian Rock

GKN Stromag

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