Major refurbishment of new Infoteam headquarters

August 2013

Infoteam specialises in end-to-end processing with core competences of reverse logistics, electronic repair / remanufacture, asset management, inventory control and dispatch.

Their new premises based in Telford (Halesfield 7) were previously owned by on of the countries largest injection moulding companies who left behind a floor surface with numerous machine bases, various floor screeds and overlays, painted coatings, inspection pits, service ducts plus major indifference in levels.

The brief for the 4,700m2 area was to create a good, sound and flat surface with long-term wear capabilities, plus in one section of almost 1,000 m2, a high specification anti-static finish to comply with UN standards.

Due to the considerable variation in finishes that had to be removed, Respol used a heavy duty planing process, designed to remove all previous surface treatments and indifferent levels, to a depth between 5 and 6mm.

All inspection ducts and chambers were in-filled and then time was given over to the decorating contractors to clean down the whole fabric of the building.
Respol returned to shot-blast the whole area, (edges by hand) which left a clean white concrete ready for finishing procedures.

Although there are a number of priming systems on the market, Infoteam decided on the highest specification epoxy resin bond primer, followed by a 10 – 12mm Reetop P2000 screed with all major expansion joints being followed through. This was then sanded and a two-coat application of Reecote EC019 Plus applied.

The anti-static system in the main service area involved the installation of copper earthing tape in designated locations to manufaturer’s instructions, followed by an overlay with Respol’s Reeflor EL300 AS system.

The remaining areas then received a two-coat application of Reecote EC019 Plus, a slik finish water dispersed twin pack epoxy coating system.

Andrew Breese from Infoteam commented, “Respol are incredibly good at what they do and do exactly what they say. From quotation and first inspection to removal of the old floor and preparation stages, through to completion of the finished flooring system, we have been incredibly pleased with their highly accomplished team. The finished floor not only looks good but fulfils our brief to the letter.”

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