Epoxy Flooring Contractors

November 2017

Respol has three decades of installing high quality, heavy duty resin floors throughout the UK. Our commitment to our customers has given us a valued reputation for outstanding service and innovative, technically advanced flooring solutions. We are a flexible single source supplier of floor systems, designed to perform to the highest standards and provide years of cost-effective service in the most demanding environments.

Our reputation, of which we are quite proud, is a result of our cutting-edge Research and Development facility. It is the sophistication, dedication, and skills of our R & D team that puts us ahead of the rest with innovative developments in the material we use. Whether our installation involves off-the-shelf or custom formulated materials, our experienced contractors are experts in the latest techniques.

Respol knows that the secret of success for any flooring project begins with proper preparation, choosing the best material, and contractors who not only know how to handle any challenge but who are constantly upgrading their knowledge and their skills.

When it comes to choosing the primers, sealers, and paints, it’s not simply a matter of picking and choosing from a wide range of materials. A qualified industrial flooring contractor must know the material best suited for the specific installation. The contractor also needs to be familiar with timing and measurements when using two-part epoxy resins and the amount of coverage that is optimal for each particular product. Beyond this, the contractor needs to know the time involved in drying to touch, drying to light use, and drying for heavy duty use.

One skill we have is the ability to advise on whether an old surface can be transformed into a state of the art industrial flooring solution. Do you need heavy duty expansion joints reformed or heavy duty bunding areas with falls to drains and oil retaining machine bases installed? No problem. This is what we do. Do you want your company’s logo as part of your floor’s design? We can do that too, perfectly matching any custom colour theme. We are especially proud of our decorative bespoke floors.

From a safe and hygienic food preparation environment to a huge aircraft hangar, our experienced specialists are ready, willing, and able to work with you from the initial consultation to the final examination of the perfect floor installation. Standard expectations include chemical resistant, dust free floor coatings with durability, style, and safety features.

Beyond standard projects, we offer solutions to demanding situations. Here are some examples – multi-coloured static dissipative systems, osmosis solutions and flexible rubber screeds or aircraft fuel resistant surfaces. One of our innovative developments is our system for the immediate coating of fresh or green cementitious substrates. These substrates often have high surface alkalinity or moisture content.

Our services and systems are accredited to ISO9001:2008. Respol’s products and services have single source warranties. Respol won the FeRFA Contractor of the Year Award – twice.

For a no obligation site survey or to know more about our professional installation solutions, click here to contact us, or call us directly on 01952 740400.


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