Is Epoxy Flooring Expensive?

March 2019

Epoxy flooring is an attractive option for many businesses. It’s hard wearing, easy to clean and offers a lot of features that alternative options can’t match. Despite this, some companies are reluctant to invest in a resinous poured floor due to cost concerns. They feel it’s too expensive and would rather go with a cheaper […]

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Non-slip Resin Safety

Workshop Flooring – Why Epoxy is the Perfect Choice

February 2019

The right workshop flooring is vital in creating an efficient and practical workspace. No matter what your business creates or provides, you want your environment to support you rather than getting in your way. That’s why we believe that, when it comes to creating the best possible work environment, epoxy resin is the perfect choice. […]

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Industrial Flooring Non-slip Safety

Chemical Resistant Resin Flooring

October 2018

Chemical resistant resin flooring systems are essential for demanding industrial environments where solvents, fuels, acids and any number of different corrosive substances are used – even food and drink spills can ruin a floor. Unprotected concrete floors are easily damaged by such chemicals, which is why companies such as Cadburys, Aston Martin and Unilever came […]

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Industrial Flooring Non-slip Resin Safety