Resin Flooring for the Pharmaceutical Industry

November 2018

During Respol’s 3 decades of operation, we’ve installed resin flooring for the pharmaceutical industry for many different clients. Due to resin flooring’s special resistive features, the material is perfect for use in environments where both natural and artificial corrosive materials are used in the manufacturing process and where a hygienic and sterile work environment is […]

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Factory Hygenic Industrial Flooring Resin

Impact and Load-resistant Resin Flooring for Warehouses

September 2018

At RESPOL we offer a range of impact and load-resistant resin flooring for warehouses. These epoxy flooring systems have been designed by our approved product partners and have been installed in warehouse environments for the likes of Dyson Vacuum, BOSCH and Goodyear. With a resume such as this, you can be sure that our epoxy […]

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Factory Industrial Flooring Non-slip Resin Safety

Hard Wearing Flooring

August 2018

Are you looking for a new hard wearing flooring system? Are your current floors letting you down? Would your company benefit from a surface that can withstand the everyday wear, abrasion and spills that are common in modern industry? If so, then an epoxy or polyurethane floor fitted by the flooring professionals at Respol could […]

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Factory Industrial Flooring Resin Safety