Anti-Slip Flooring

January 2018

“Anti-slip flooring, or to use the correct terminology, “slip-resistant” or “low-slip”, is an ideal solution for busy industrial areas where slips or falls might occur. As specialist epoxy flooring contractors we work closely with our sister company who manufacture epoxy resin and polyurethane flooring materials, to provide a wide range of epoxy anti-slip options and have worked with many clients to provide durable and long-lasting safety flooring solutions.

Why would your company benefit from a slip-resistant flooring solution – especially one based on an epoxy flooring system?

Anti-slip safety flooring prevents contaminants such as water, oil or grease from making your floor surfaces slippery and improves surface grip overall – minimizing the slips and falls that constitute the majority of workplace accidents. Here at Respol, we use specially formulated epoxy flooring products that include a hardwearing quartz aggregate to bolster the system’s non-slip properties.

But why should you consider using epoxy rather than matting or adhesive sheets?

The first reason is the strength of the material. Epoxy flooring is tightly bonded with the concrete substrate below – the combination of such a tight connection with durable and impact resistant resin materials creates a strong and long-lasting surface that can survive the heavy traffic found in industrial environments.

Secondly, epoxy resin services are easy to clean and resistant to bacteria. Unlike vinyl or PVC floor sheets that are installed using simple adhesives, an epoxy floor has no seams where dirt or bacteria could collect. While it’s important to prevent trips and injury – this often isn’t the only factor you need to consider. If, for example, you work with food or other sensitive products you might find that having a hygienic solution is just as important as a non-slip one. If you need to combine these factors then we can provide a bespoke floor coating solution that meets all of your requirements – something that off the shelf sheet systems simply cannot accomplish.

Using an epoxy base to increase your floor’s slip resistance can also result in a far more aesthetically pleasing result than most other surface solutions. The epoxy floors we install can be customised with a wide variety of available colours and other finishes – we can even inlay logos and signs directly into the new epoxy surface. This attractive flooring solution is perfect for commercial applications and other public spaces where a visually pleasing environment is essential.

While initially more expensive, a high-quality epoxy non-slip flooring solution is actually more cost-effective in the long term. This is thanks to the material’s extra strength, durability and decades-long lifespan. If maintenance is required we are able to do so with special tools and resins instead of removing and replacing large areas of your new floor – making repairs quick and easy.

Epoxy flooring is suitable for a range of sectors. If you would like to learn more about what an epoxy anti-slip floor could do for you, then get in touch with Respol today. We work closely with epoxy manufacturers to provide hardwearing flooring surface for a wide range of clients. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and consultation by phone on 01952 740400 or by using our online contact form.

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